It's time for a new adventure : MuOS 3.0 !
Hello and welcome to our MU Online community !

One year has passed since we came online, one year with 2 data wipes, one year with happy and unhappy players... Now its time for a new beginning and a new game play, so without making the story bigger than it already is here are some of the changes we have in mind for MuOS 3.0 :

- Bigger Experience : Now it's x40 / WILL BE x120
- StatPoints Rewards for resets and grand resets : you will lose points after reset and get a reward for each reset, ex: 1st reset = 500points, 2nd reset = 1000points, 3rd reset = 1500 .... 200th reset = 100.000points
- MAX Resets : 200 ( R ) - Reward : 500points each R.
- MAX GrandResets : 3 ( GR ) - Reward : 10000points each GR.
---- In order to get a character full stats you need 3 GR + 200 R.
- Start Sets (+7+LK) and Spells/Skills in shops.
- Mobs with specific item drop.
- Rena exchange for coins.
- Quests for ZEN / Jewels / BOKs / Items.

- ! Medium Rates Server !
- ! Characters Perfectly Balanced !
- ! No Speed/Agility Bug ! 

The changes will take place in the followings 7 days and if we succeed in making all the changes we have in mind, fit, we plan a relaunch next Sunday (18/04/2021) with a fresh database.

Any suggestions you may have are welcome, you can use facebook for a better response rate:

Thank you for your understanding, MuOS.Club Team.
MuOS - Mu Old School - Mu Online Server
Suggestion: EXP 150
All heroes can be created from level 1 (pointless to waste time till 220/250)
Buying items from the market with points from voting for the server
Buying not only VIP with voting points...
One epic monster (like a red dragon or worm) that has a chance of dropping item with 3 options...maybe more.... But one hero wouldn't be able to kill it...make that 10+ heroes...
All heroes could start from level 1...why waste time when you're aiming for the top?...
And more...
next Sunday (18/04/2021) ....maybe 18.06.2021?...

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