MuOS Custom Commands
Greetings MuOS ! Here is the commands list to use in game.

NO, there isn't auto pick-up.

/pkclear - Clear your PK status instantly
/post - Send message to all players. Here you need min. 150 Level reached.
/online - Show how many Players & GMs are connected in the server.
/time - Show server time.
/addstr - Add strength points
/addagi - Add agility points
/addvit - Add vitality points
/addene - Add energy points
/addcom - Add command points
/guildwar - Requesting war to the guild name you typed
/battlesoccer - Requesting soccer war in arena/stadium
/reset - Only use on lvl 400 to reset your character(it costs more than doing it from website!)
/marry, /acceptmarry, /divorcemarry, /tracemarry, /getmarry, /onlinemarry - Marriage System 
/buyvip, /vipinfo - VIP System
/questinfo - Quest System - Shows information about current quest
/vault - Vault System
/exit - Exit the game

@>Text - Welcome message to the guild members. This one only guild masters can use.
@Text - Chat with your guild mates
@@Text - Chat to guild alliance

/request off - deny all requests from the players
/request on - allow requests Tongue

/guild (while mouse is hovering over another player) - Request to join in some guild
/trade (while mouse is hovering over another player) - Request trade
/party (while mouse is hovering over another player) - Invite player to join your party

~hi friend - chat inside party

/(0-9) Set macro to be used with Alt+(0-9)

/1 I Love MuOS!
then click enter to request marco.
then hold alt + 1 and your message will appear.


Press F2 in game and you will only see PM's and guild messages.
Press F3 - switching to private conversation
Press F4 - click few times and your chat log will be expanded.
Press F6 - Enable AutoBot
Press F7 - Enable Auto right click
Press F8 - Disable Auto right click/ AutoBot & Enable/disable fog
Press F9 - AutoBot Settings
Press F11 - Switch between MU windows (in case you have more than one MuOS instance running) 
Press F12 - Hide/Show MU window
Press END - Reset Camera Position.
Press END - Camera ON/OFF.

1. When you adding points in-game you have to switch character, then your stats will be updated successfully.
2. The /online command shows the players who are connected.
3. Do not abuse the /post command. Use it between 30~60 seconds.

This are the basics commands you have to know.
MuOS - Mu Old School - Mu Online Server

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